The team

Iosu Ramírez

Managing Partner, Engineer


Transport and mobility professional.

Participation in the design and definition of numerous Urban Mobility Plans.

Development and application of transport and traffic modeling methodologies. GIS integration.

Management of numerous Mobility Plans.

Conducts demand studies by modeling the transport of large infrastructures.

Conducts public transport infrastructure studies.

Expert in using modeling and simulation software tools.

Regional strategic studies of land use and mobility interaction for the Institute of Territorial Studies.

Experience in assessing external transport costs.

Lorena Balsera

Managing Partner, Engineer


Lasier Herrero Goienetxea

Managing Partner, Engineer


Martin Balsera

Managing Partner, Technical Engineer


Arturo Bonaetxea

Managing Partner, Technical Engineer


Eduardo García

Civil Engineer


Lorena Atanes

Civil Engineer


Dr Luis Bilbao Líbano, 10 - 2ºA
48940 LEIOA (Bizkaia)
tel. +34 94 464 33 55

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