Case studies

Basque Government:

External transport costs:

The aim was to identify the social costs generated by the different modes of land transport in the Autonomous Community of the Basque Country.

Traffic management strategies on the outskirts of Bilbao:

Development of a microscopic traffic model to enable the implementation of various management strategies, for accidents and traffic intensities.

Study of the Bilbao and Vitoria trams:

Studies on the impact of traffic and alternative routes on the trams in both cities and definition of the phases of the work.

Navarra Government

Technical study on the operation of the N-121-A Pamplona – Behobia Highway:

The aim was to improve knowledge about the operation and road safety of this link road, conduct a study on its traffic and interaction with the rest of the road network and recommend improvements to resolve or mitigate the defects found.

La Rioja Government

Sustainable Mobility and Accessibility Plan for the Metropolitan Area of Logroño:

The focus of this study was to assess the new infrastructures really required in the Metropolitan Area of Logroño, not only in the short term, but particularly with a medium and long-term view.

Bizkaia Regional Government

Studies on improvements to the Bizkaibus lines:

The aim was to improve the Bizkaibus lines in the different areas of Bizkaia.

Analysis of the impact of the Artxanda Tunnels:

Study conducted for Dragados & Construcciones, where we were the only company that correctly estimated the traffic that the new infrastructure would bring before it was opened.

Conservation, Running, Maintenance and Operation of the High Capacity Network:

Study to improve the implementation of “BizkaiMove”, which informs drivers about the flow of traffic on the road network.

Gipuzkoa Regional Government

Traffic study and analysis of the impact of the various tolling policies on the Gipuzkoa road network:

Study in immediate response to the opening of San Sebastian’s Second Ring Road and which also defined the Bidegi’s tolling policy throughout the region of Gipuzkoa in 2009.

Bilbao City Council

Various Sustainable Mobility Plans from 2002 to the present:

Studies conducted in 2002, 2008 and 2015 for Bilbao City Council, where we also played a part in implementing the various measures originating from these Plans by providing Technical Assistance to the City Council.

The most notable studies in this regard include closing Plaza Indautxu to traffic and the resulting reorganisation of traffic; road restructuring on the Mazarredo main artery opposite to the Guggenheim Museum; improvement of the Plaza Erkoreka junction with a roundabout, eliminating existing queues in the area and, finally, creating the first criss-cross zebra crossing in the country, opposite to the Corte Inglés on the Gran Vía.

Another notable study for Bilbao City Council involved analysing the traffic following the demolition of the Sabino Arana Viaduct’s access roads and the opening of a new access road through the San Mames Tunnels.

Various local governments

Various Sustainable Mobility Plans in each of them, many of which have led to awards for Good Mobility Practices.

Private developers

Traffic impact studies for various commercial and residential developments across the entire region.

Investigation and Development

HAND-AI (Health Air Noise Data – Artificial Intelligence Platform)
Smart platform for visualizing air quality and noise in urban environments.

The main objective of the HAND-AI project is the development of a tool capable of accurately evaluating the measures adopted by municipalities to reduce air pollution.

This project aims to develop, validate and demonstrate a new methodology for monitoring and evaluating air and noise quality, based on an Artificial Intelligence tool.

The project focuses on the development of new management tools to facilitate the effective application of legislation on air quality and noise in the urban environment, contributing to the objectives of the “Zero Pollution” strategy of the European Commission and the Industrial Emissions Directive, allowing the adaptation and validation of the measures adopted by municipalities to reduce air pollutants.

Proyect ZL-2022/00904  –  HAND-AI


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